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Techie went in shock after successfully booking Tatkal ticket via IRCTC

10, Nov 2014 By siddharthk

An IT engineer, who successfully booked Tatkal ticket just two days before Diwali, went in a state of shock and has been admitted in a local hospital. The said techie has not celebrated any festival at his home since last two years.

He had no hope of attending Diwali at his home this year either but just a couple of days back he heard from some friends that these days Tatkal tickets can be booked by mortals like us, so he gave it a try. At 10:03 in the morning his whole society was hearing exclamatory shouts like Eureka, Yes, hell, F*** etc. from his house and at 10:04 everything went silent. Confused people knocked at his door but there was no response, after some time they broke the door open and they found Aditya, the said techie, looking at his computer screen with sparkling eyes and a wide smile.

People shouted his name but he gave no response. He was not ready to take his eyes from his screen as if his ticket will get cancelled if he stopped looking at it. Finally he was taken to the nearby local hospital with the help of a few tranquilizers. Our correspondent visited Aditya in the hospital and asked him the cliched ‘How are you feeling?’ Aditya responded in a dreamy voice –“The odds were against me, it was only two days before Diwali, there are only two trains from here to my hometown, millions of people have failed before. My friends asked me to take a bus but I didn’t succumb to the whims of those opportunistic, capitalistic, profit-making bus owners. Finally I did it and I am going home tomorrow.”

Just then a doctor came with a few sheets in his hand. When asked by Aditya about discharge Doctor looked at his sheets seriously and said “You went in a state of shock because of excessive happiness. We will have two keep you under observation for a couple of days.”

“But I have to catch a train tomorrow.” –protested Aditya.

“No we cannot take the risk of letting you go on a journey, you may get extra happy on reaching your seat and can go in shock again.”

Hearing this Aditya went in shock again. “See I told you, you might go in shock again.” –said the Doctor and smiled on his brilliance. Our correspondent further asked the doctor a few questions related to his sore throat and left the scene.