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Techie in Bangalore breaks fixed deposit for travelling in auto rickshaw

23, Jul 2014 By ashishgwl

In a not so very shocking event a few days ago, a soundly earning techie ‘LK Ambani’ (who could afford an auto ride) broke his fixed deposit. When asked about it he said that on Friday afternoon he had to travel from City Railway Station to Electronic City, a distance of around 30kms (unheard of while travelling in an auto in Bangalore).

While boarding an auto LK offered to pay by card. However, the modest auto driver (‘Dhiru Bhai’ , who also drives BMW in his free time) refused to take the card citing ‘technical issues’. The issue being the missing card swipe machine which was taken by DhiruBhai’s son, apparently who also drives auto in Pune .(The money runs in the Family)

But LK who had the dream of travelling the distance at least once with an auto left no stone unturned. While on his way LK decided to go for a Bank draft from an SBI ‘ATM’. However due to lack of electricity in the city , the ATM which was on battery support for last 3yrs suddenly broke down on LK’s arrival. However nothing could stop LK to his fulfill his dream, which he had since joining the Bangalore based software firm – ‘IAmClerk Ltd.’ 7 years ago.

As a result LK, inspired from the movie Baazigar , decided to go for the inevitable option of breaking the FD which was previously planned to open a start up. LK said opening a start up was a big thing but did not even close to his 7 year old dream of having an Auto ride.

Upon reaching the concerned bank, LK had to face a long queue of other wealthy bangaloreans who come for the same purpose. Faking News while interviewing the bank manager- ‘Clueless Sharma’(An MBA grad from the recently opened IIM Chandini Chowk Sector 12) found that this trend of breaking FD has been on the rise. Citing an example the manager said last week another techie had done the same while travelling from Marathalli to Mysore Road. Also, ‘Mr. E&Y’, The CA for the Auto owner has been working extra hours due to this changing habits of ‘consumers’. The bank is also planning on starting a scheme in collaboration with the Auto Driver union of EMI option for the not so wealthy bangloreans. With this scheme people can travel once and pay throughout their life, speaking volumes of the financial flexibility our system provides.

Well it can be said “Where there is a will, there is a huge bill”.