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Techie gets married in weekend to save LOPs

11, Jul 2014 By Lunatic509

Sameer, a dedicated employee of a Major IT firm in Pune, left office EOD (of Australian Time) on Friday, got married in his hometown in the weekend, and reported back to office on Monday morning.

Working Employee
Not an easy job to do.

His colleagues came to know the good news by his email invitation for sweets at his desk. Sameer has also initiated referring his wife for a job in his company and is waiting eagerly for her recruitment and the cash prize for it.

He had exhausted all his 16 earned leaves of the year by falling ill due to overdose of machine coffees and by celebrating all festivals which are optional holidays in company calendar. He could not afford take LOPs as his salary was already reduced by the company loan he took to book the railway ticket to his hometown for marriage. As a dowry he got the return ticket from his in laws.

Sameer had met Jyoti through a video conference with the client and was smitten by love at first Skype. He later sent her a love letter in form of PPT named “Request for Quotes” from his company email id. The duo hit it off and decided to get married as soon as the project was over.

“The best thing about marriage is that,” said Sameer brandishing his new lunchbox, “I no longer need to go to the food court.”

The HR Department awarded him “Employee of the Month” through a group email and decided to send him on an onsite tour to its Bangalore office where he can also work on the weekdays and celebrate the honeymoon on the weekend.