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Techie gets fired for writing obviously fake mail

04, Aug 2016 By Saurabh Ramachandran

Bangalore: Techie Manjunatha was in for a shock today while he was stuck in the city’s omnipresent traffic. As he was posting memes on his Twitter account, he received a mail from his manager informing him that his services at the company were no longer required.

Manjunatha in shock after finding that he has been caught red-handed lying, fot the first and the final time

Speaking to our correspondent, Manjunatha said, “I’m infamously known to lie to my boss as I am late to office almost everyday. Among my colleagues, I have held the title of ‘Most Creative Bullshitter’ for the past 3 months, the latest lie being the one where my family held a Pothole Pooja in memory of the neighbour’s missing hamster.”

He added, “I’m not deliberately late. Office work and Bangalore traffic let me watch my favourite show Masterchef Australia at 0000 hrs and the 9’O Clock news after that. Then my roommate, Startup wakes up and forces me to smoke a joint which I cannot refuse as it is the best stash ever. Beyond baked, I go to bed and the effect stays even when I wake up. Clearly dazed in the morning, I was flipping through the news and found a beautiful lie awaiting me. Obviously, I didn’t give it much thought and now find myself in a pool of trouble.”

Our correspondent has received a copy of the mail that Manjunatha sent:

Dear Sir,

I apologize for the delay in reaching office today. Tremendous rush, waiting in line for the driver less pod, METRINO. Will be there ASAP.



Obviously Manjunatha was unaware that METRINO is just Bangalore’s proposal for the Smart City Competition. He has now turned over a new leaf where he doesn’t believe all news and reads every article completely. And like every other ambitious techie, he has joined his friend, Startup.