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Techie found with a Nokia 1100, gets evicted from house, blocked on Facebook, and dumped by girlfriend

12, Jun 2015 By sunnyyy

New Delhi: In this smart era where people living in smart cities using smart phones having smart friends come across a guy and that too a techie who uses a Nokia 1100 is like a syntax error in a program called life.

A man named Rahul Kejriwal, a techie by profession, was discovered by his colleagues using a Nokia 1100 on June 10th 2015. Most people would say, he has got the treatment he deserves for allegedly contaminating his office environment with an injurious stone-age communication device.

The culprit
The culprit

His boss has been rather pitiful by only demoting him but he has been dumped by his girlfriend for digital incompatibility and blocked on Facebook by his 75 friends out of 79.

“I would rather eat the lead wali Maggi than being around a Nokia 1100, it is as simple as that. I bet, he uses the Internet explorer also. He is the same guy who owned a typewriter till the year 2008, I once caught him writing a letter using a mallet to press the keys. He has dented my reputation also now nobody with a iPhone 6 or even a Galaxy S6 notices me let alone be my boyfriend,” Rahul Kejriwal’s girlfriend Smriti told Faking News.

When Faking News caught up with the landlord of the flat of Rahul Kejriwal, He said, “Yes, I have evicted Rahul Kejriwal. I never knew he was up to this. Never ever in my dreams would I think of renting my flat to an owner of Nokia 1100, I wouldn’t hassle this much if he had an AK 56 or an AK 47 but a Nokia 1100 is beyond my logical reasoning. I am ready to rent my flat to people of any state or any community even to the people of Kings Landing provided they don’t use vintage Nokia phones.”

According to our sources, BJP is responsible for Rahul Kejriwal’s troubles for his being critical of Modi’s policy of Digital India by using a Nokia 1100. BJP is planning to derecognize the identity and existence of Rahul Kejriwal.

When Faking News finally tracked down Rahul Kejriwal, his response was, “I am stunned what is happening to me, I am a proud owner of a cheap Chinese smartphone, I have a Nokia 1100 but I use it to play Marampiti (hitting each other) with my friend since it is very strong. It doesn’t even get switched on.”