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Techie duped by management consulting job offer

10, Sep 2014 By quirkyindian

Bangalore. Laalchi Ram, a man in his 20’s, was like any other IT worker who used to work for Zirpo Technology. Last month, he received an email from BBB consulting who got his profile from, the leading job website, stating that a dynamic and intelligent person was required for the post of a management consultant.

“Bech bhai bech”

Laalchi quicky uploaded his resume, and was scheduled for an interview. The person said it was an MNC with offices in 10 countries, and with dedication plus hard work- sky was the limit.

In the interview, Laalchi was asked about his soft skills, and he replied back in a very soft voice, almost sounding like the airhostess which he had noticed in the Delhi Bangalore flight. The job was finalized and Laalchi quit Zirpo technology to spread his wings and have a career he always wanted. The interviewer even said MBA was not necessary to be a consultant, and one needed to be smart and proactive rather than having a useless costly degree, hearing which Laalchi was all the more happy, because his peers had an MBA but earned only 10% more.

To his utter shock and disappointment, Laalchi found on his first day of job that the company was Raamway selling beauty cosmetics for god fearing women. The company was an MNC operating out of Nepal, Sri lanka, Pakistan, Burma and Ghana. The package promised to him was bonus based.

When he asked the recruiter what did “sky is the limit” mean, the recruiter said that question was relevant only if he could convince 30 other people to become Raamway “consultants”. The recruiter also gave an induction presentation on how to make others believe in yourself and all the new joinees played the game “passing the pillow”. Reading the last line printed in font size 6 of the BBB prospectus, he found that BBB stood for  “Bech bhaai bech”.

Both Mr. Laalchi and the recruiter are unavailable for any comments. Meanwhile, Mr. Laalchi’s Linkedout profile still states he works with Zirpo Technologies.