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Team Anna demands CID to be brought under Lokpal

16, Sep 2012 By ControlZ

Just after announcing that they will be joining active politics, Team Anna has amazed everyone yet again, by demanding CID to be brought under Lokpal.

This wouldn’t have been that surprising, had Team Anna demanded the actual CID (the one that works for the Govt.) to be brought under Lokpal, but they have demanded the TV show (the one that’s working for God knows how long) to be under the vigil.

“CID has been on for the last 15 years! It’s almost as if it’s real! Then why not get it under the ambit of Jan Lokpal ?” asked Team Anna Member Arvind Kejriwal.

When asked by FN reporter that CID solves almost every case within an episode, how can Team Anna claim them to be corrupt and dishonest, Baba Ramdev said “Man is faithful to a woman in two instances. Firstly, when she is his girlfriend and secondly when he has an affair outside.” Just then, we spotted Kiran Bedi, and felt it would be better if we ask her the question instead.

“There are many instances where one is forced to have a doubt on CID’s credibility. Like for instance, how come just one slap from Inspector Daya makes a goon accept all his crime. If that is the case, why aren’t they investigating the 2G scam instead of CBI? Secondly, how does Daya manage to break all the doors by himself? Do they know the criminals beforehand, and tell them to loosen the screws, of their doors? Such questions are bound to arise.” said a visibly angry Kiran Bedi.

Senior Team Anna member, Prashant Bhushan slammed the media yet again. “They show CID whole day on TV, as if it’s Rahul Gandhi’s UP Campaign. I have a feeling, even media is involved in this!” he said.

We tried to take a public poll and found 2 people who were ready to give their opinions, on a platform other than facebook and twitter. “I think Team Anna is right. Even I had started doubting CID’s credibility. How come every case, in the whole country, is handed to these guys? What’s the conspiracy?” said Raju, a software engineer.

We found a college student just outside a theater and he said “Dr. Salunkhe has a super computer which has the database of the criminals in the whole country. How can he afford it? Where does he get the money from? Even Batman doesn’t have this kind of a console.”

This move by Team Anna has come under severe criticism, as always. Ex-Team Anna member Swami Agnivesh is quite pissed off. “After making an appearance in Bigg Boss, I was offered a cameo in CID. Now if I accept this offer, people will be sure that I have links with corrupt people. But nonetheless, I have to take this with a pinch of salty water!” he said, as he rushed into the washroom.

“What rubbish! How can a TV show be brought under the ambit of Lokpal. These people are making a joke out of Lokpal, more than our party has!” said a Congress worker, who requested us not to reveal his name.

The makers of CID are quite worried by this demand of Team Anna. In their defense, the Producer said “If CID was corrupt, Pradyuman wouldn’t have been on the same post for the past 15 years. Anyway, we will be showing a CID – Deshbhakti Special Episode on 15th Aug, to prove our love for the country!”