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When teacher's query stuns parents

28, Nov 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: What a queer query it was for the little student when the class teacher asked him, “Is he your father or grandfather?” Being a class IV student of a famed school, he was able enough to understand difference between the father and the grandfather. His presence with his father at a Parents-teacher meeting remained queasy somehow. His father had attended such meeting on earlier two occasions also. The parent even stated that the school’s senior teacher had raised a controversial question.

She made this question because of the ward’s father was putting on the woollen cap. Though the boy insisted upon removing the cap, his father was covering the head for coldness in the morning hours.

Before entering the classroom one parent also teased him for sporting the aged people’s cap. But he never thought of the well-read class teacher raising a picky point at the cap. What was satisfactory at the moment was that other parents were not present to laugh. The boy’s father saved thus from others’ queer looks.

His father’s presence was clear from his previous signatures in the register she has maintained.

But in this time of fast-changing trendy outfits, the children are even suggesting their parents wear the such and such dress. Otherwise, there rises risk of queries during the particular days at the school. They are definitely more aware of the exact situation.

The boy’s father looked quite taller than the boy. She even suggested the junior student various exercises for becoming tall. Last but not the least she advised to look up at his father’s head only. She pressed the boy to be a little taller and improving his thin structure.

She insisted upon his students to improve their heights, hairstyle and dress sense. She appeared as a military trainer instructing the recruits.