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TCS employee on bench for ten years celebrates after company declares special bonus for his ‘long’ years of service

21, Apr 2015 By dasu

Mumbai. TCS employee Dhawal Kulkarni who is working from bench for the last ten years, could not believe when his roommate Stuart Binny called him to give this surprise news. Stuart also works from bench for another major Indian IT company for the last few years.

Stuart usually goes to office after 5 PM so that he can use the office swimming pool and free Wi-Fi. While doing net surfing, Stuart came across this unexpected announcement and called Dhawal to share this pleasant news. The special bonus, company is giving for successfully completing 10 years of listing in the stock exchanges. Dhawal was more than happy as this also coincides with the period he has been on the bench.

Happy Dhawal Kulkarni upon receiving the News of bonus
Happy Dhawal Kulkarni upon receiving the News of bonus

When faking news reporter met Dhawal to know his reaction, he told us, “I was using office dormitory when Stuart called me. I could not believe that company is giving us the bonus as per the years of service. Initially I was skeptical as now a days no one gives credit to experience. All of us know what happened to Advaniji, Joshiji, Yashwant Sinhaji after election. Like current NDA government there are juniors in IT industry who thinks senior people are good for nothing. I snap back at them by giving example of Nehraji in CSK team and everybody can see how nicely Nehraji is contributing”.

Dhawal added, “Last one year has been tough one for me. With the prediction of Ache Din coming along, I did not try hard to get a project. I was doubly sure with a proactive government in place the business sentiment will completely change and the company will get enough projects to utilize the bench strength they have inside the dormitory. Reverse happened, company started sending pink slips to senior people on bench. Did not get a decent sleep in the night as everybody starting from Paanwala to Doodhwala were talking about lay off in my company”.

During those trying times Dhawal argued with HR department and suggested them to learn from the previous UPA government, Manmohan Singh was asked to lead the government second time even after he could not do much in first term while sitting on bench. Also requested HR team members to watch old Hindi movies like Baghbaan and Avtaar so that they learn how to respect seniors.

When we asked Dhawal how he would like to spend the money, he told us “planning to buy a smart watch which will wake me up on-time without causing disturbance to others in the dormitory. Recently I am missing the office cab because of my overuse of dorm facilities”.

Dhawal concluded by saying “never lose hope, like Nehra I will keep on trying, someday I will get a project. Till then let me enjoy this hard earned money with Stuart during this IPL period”