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Tau confuses umpteen opinion polls as real one, stops Hukkah to protest

14, Oct 2014 By khakshar

All TV channels have broadcast a couple of opinion polls before the campaigning stopped today. Some of these channels have even done a double run on Haryana. It has added to the chaos. Much chaos has been created earlier by who is in which party. More confusion has been crested by whether NOTA is a Choudhary or a Bishnoi.

 A Hariyanvi youth inspired by Honey Singh
A Hariyanvi youth inspired by Honey Singh

Reduction in Door to Door Campaigning by Candidates has infuriated Choudharys and Akhadas.  The Akhadas were harping  to showcase their talent .The Chaudharys are quite angry with modern modes of campaigning as their showcasing of “Kunba” has been affected. Chaudrhay Hukam Singh Kharkhoda was at his usual sarcastic best ” Ib Deware pe Bhaandna bhi nahi , TV Chukchundher Haai bane Sab” ( With no scribbling on Walls , the crooked are campaigning like bats on TV). His Grandson explained tht the lack of “Dangals”  in elections and Songs of Honey Singh had made the ex-Lambardar Bawala. Choudhary has even reduced his Hukkah joints from Twelve to Four.

Choudharys are  contemplating a meeting or “Maha Panchayat” on TV opinion polls . All opinion polls and Graphics depicting assembly scenarios in Haryana should be banned will be the outcome of the Panchayat. The colorful graphs  sandwiched between advertisements has influenced youth , who talk about Percentage of Votes and “No Ullu Banawing”.

Adding to the chaos is Siddhu ,who is campaigning in Haryana and castigating allies of BJP. When Siddhu was  asked on who would be the Chief Ministerial candidate , he said in his inexorable style “Guru ,Jo bhi Banega ,Kisi ka Damad Nahi Hoga , Na hi kisi ka Mama ya Chacha hoge ” , “When Vodka is good Drink it with Merry , topping doesn’t matter even if it’s a Cherry.”