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Tapas Pal beats Rabindranath Tagore in poll for the greatest Bengali of last millenium

03, Jul 2014 By shubhankar

After Tapas Pal  has outlined his road map of serving and empowering women in West Bengal, various sections of society have gone gaga over him. My friends in PMO say –

“Till now only BeeMARU states were expected to come out with such drastic action plans. Not anymore. Whatever other can do, it seems Tapos Pall can do better“.

Spokesperson in the National Commission for Women have congratulatory note to Mr. Tapos Pall noting –

He has taken freedom of expression to an all together different level…till now rapes used to be planned behind closed doors. This is for the first time when someone has elaborated his plans in advance. We appreciate his honesty and forthrightness.”

When asked by Faking News as to how Tapas Pal is going to benefit the NCW, the same spokesperson (visibly excited) had this to explain

Look, now on wards we will know before hand answers to all the WH questions of the concerned rape…. Of course the credit for all these will definitely go to Tapas da.”

Predictably the the intelligentsia and civil society in Bengal have gone berserk over Mr Pall.

Look after Satyajit Roy left in 1991, there was no one of that stature left…the legacy of Bengali Bhadralok (gentleman) seemed to be almost over. How long can you keep talking about Rammohan and Bibekanondo?…It is 150 years now” noted prominent ideologist Mr. Kunal Chatterjee who heads the NGO “Thoughts for Lifetime”.

But what about the offence and hurt that his statements have caused – as some sections of the society is pointing at? – asked our correspondent from Faking News.

See there will always be detractors. Raja Rammohan Roy faced so many like these…Vidyasagar had his share, why Vivekananda and Rabindranath too enjoyed the benefits of having strong opposition…why do you want to deny Tapas of that?…Just because he seems to be suffering from a incurable disease of his rotten brain?…That is unfair for a person whose IQ level has been consistently as high as George Bush and Qaddafi” – replied a spokesman of Sahitya Parishad of Bengal – an organisation which has come out strongly in support of the MP.

But he openly said that he is a sample by himself…he even carries gun -what about that?

What do you expect him to carry then ?…Invitation cards?

This was the height. We gave up.

Meanwhile prominent Bengali news Channel “Good News Bengal” conducted an on-line poll for its viewers. Along expected lines, Mr Pall riding his wave of popularity has handsomely beaten his nearest rival Rabindranath Tagore by 17.5 lakh margin to emerge as the Greatest Bengali of the Millenium. The Channel later clarified that this poll became necessary in view of Mr Pall’s latest action plan.

According to street polls conducted by Faking News in collaboration with BBC – The young generation has overwhelmingly voted for Mr Tapos Pall as –

“One person who can undo the combined harmful effects of Raja Rammohan Roy, Vidyasagar, Vivekananda and Rabindranath Tagore to single handedly take back India to the glorious days of medieval darkness.”