Tuesday, 20th February, 2018

"Tandoori Chicken will be our National Bird," says Rahul Gandhi

07, Aug 2013 By Vamsi Sridhar

With the general elections coming up in 2014, the think-tank of Rahul Gandhi’s team has come up with an innovative idea to garner vote from North Indian states – to make Tandoori Chicken as India’s national bird.

The news was met with mixed reaction from across the country. The dhaba-wallas from Punjab were obviously delighted to hear the news.  “We will now get subsidized chicken through the food security bill as it will also cover our national bird,” said Rangith Singh.

Many political analysts believe that this will ensure strong foot-hole for the congress party in the Northern State. We caught up with Ramchandra Guha and he was quoted saying “This shows that the Rahul is not a chicken anymore.”

At the other end of the spectrum, the Iyer/Iyengar community were up in arms with this decision. The so-called “learned” community of India tried to burn the effigy of a chicken to protest, but it was called off as it signified a “tandoored” chicken. A more erudite approach was then adopted of holding a candle light vigil. “They are only holding the candle as there is no electricity for the past few hours” said Ram Singh who works at a Punjabi joint – Pait Pooja,

Meanwhile to cash on the controversy, the makers of the sleeper hit movie “Luv Shuv De Chicken Khurana” have announced a sequel to the movie, tentatively titled – “Luv Shuv De Chicken Gandhi”.