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Tamilnadu to introduce "Bribes and Corruption Promotion Council" to have uniform code for accepting bribes

05, May 2014 By vijayasarathy

In a major step forward, the Government of Tamilnadu is proposing to introduce a “Bribes and Corruption Promotion Council ” in order to help the government officials and ministers to have a unifirm code for accepting bribes and to carry out other corruption activities.

Pay as per rules.

This decision was unveiled by the Chief Minister to hit back at the oppositions’ criticism that “the corruption is at different magnitudes at different Government functions”.

The CM Selvi. J. Jayalalitha gave a brief explanation about the proposed Council as follows:

In the previous Government, there were no uniform bribe rates and hence the people were cheated by agents by charging as much as they can extract. To avoid this, my government has come out with a noble idea of this BCPC. The salient features and functions of this Council would be :

1. To introduce a uniform bribe rates for different government related works. This will prevent the people from getting cheated by paying a higher bribe.

2. Also, different rates would be fixed for getting government jobs, for promotions, transfers etc. 

3. A concession of 25% will be provided to people from SC/ST, 20% concession to people from backward classes and 10% discount to minorities.

This will prove my governments’ welfare attitude towards people belonging to backward community.

A Government official connected with the proceedings has said under conditions of anonimity that bribe rates for securing government contracts may range from 20% to 25% of the contract value. Also, public related work may start from Rs. 1,000 and may extend to any limit based on the paying capacity of the person.

Critics and industrialists welcomed the move unanimously by saying that this will ensure transparency in the government and that more investmens could pour into the state.

The CM also reaffirmed her opinion that Tamil Nadu has always been a front runner in introducing reforms and has asked Mr. Narendra Modi whether any such measures are introduced in Gujarat.