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Tamil players to wear lungi/dhoti

22, Jul 2014 By bakwaas

A man just getting ready for showdown

Jayalalitha recently found a brilliant solution to the problem which has been cause of much furore lately ( when a senior judge wearing dhoti was not allowed entry to Tamilnadu cricket association ).

She passed a bill that allows person belonging to that state  to wear whatever they want preferably cultural Tamil attire .

Cricket players mainly batsmen are gung-ho about the bill. Umpires wont be able to see our pads so lbw is out of picture said one batsmen smothering his laugh on condition of anonymity ( to hell with principle of journalism, he was Murli Vijay ), though bowlers are not amused with the bill.

Laxmipathi Balaji while practicing in lungi was able to reach the crease only half of the time and  for the rest half he was found entangled in lungi somewhere down the run-up swearing foul words for some lady whose name he refused to disclose.

Most happy bunch of players were footballers because they can hide the ball under their lungi and play bluff. With this new-found confidence they are challenging already down Brazil football team.

Frustrated by such sort of play one opposition player in an interview disclosed that he had to literally get under many players to retrieve the ball and many times instead of ball saw things he never intended to. (Weeping inconsolably he was watched by other teammates with tear )

In support of the bill and showing solidarity with concept of promoting traditional attire Sania Mirza has decided to play in lungi  in upcoming US Open.

A happy Shoaib Malik tweeted thanks to TN govt. on the prospect of seeing a well covered Sania. He admitted that he usually have to see more of his wife in public than he is comfortable with.

Later he deleted the tweet when he was informed that Sania is thinking of folding lungi in half so her movement isn’t restricted. At this  moment  TN gov’t seems better off wearing lungi as far as overcoming  political  hurdles is concerned.