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Tamil fishermen come back after going for fishing near Sri Lanka; entire village scared

10, Jun 2014 By manithan

Ramanathapuram: In an event that has left most of the villagers shocked in the coastal district of Ramanathapuram, a group of six fishermen who had gone for fishing returned without any injuries and within few days from their departure.

The returning fishermen were not allowed to enter their village and were redirected to the nearby church for quarantine.


James (34) and his five friends had left for fishing two days ago on their motor boat from Devipatinam. As usual, their friends and family bade them farewell, like they do usually for other similar fishermen leaving Indian coast. While they were preparing for the funeral of those, the news from boys playing in the shore brought back waves of shock among the villagers. The boys had spotted the fishermen entering the shore and they could count all the heads which equaled the total heads that left for fishing.

Daniel, the village head, had redirected the incoming fishermen to the nearby church, fearing they might all be Satan in their human form, as he was very firm that not all fishermen who venture into the sea to fish near Lankan coast came back alive or within few days from their onset of journey.

He added, “Whenever a boat leaves, atleast 5 of them are arrested by SriLankan navy and minimum one or two are shot dead. This is a miracle. But, we should also be careful about how Satan will sometime do such things to enter into out village. So, we are going to quarantine them in Church, before letting them back to their families.”

Rosy, wife of one of the fishermen, Robert, was stuttering to speak due to mixed emotions of fear and happiness. She said, “I don’t know what to say. I never expected him to come alive. This is the first time he went for fishing after our marriage and I was praying all day-long for his safe comeback. Our Holy Father from Heaven has heard my prayers. Like how my husband came back, he will also come back. It is written.”

Special prayers and exorcisms were done before the fishermen were left off. We tried to establish contact with the fishermen who returned back. While most of them denied to answer our questions, one of them named Albert, broke the silence. “Actually, we saw the Sri Lankan navy boats within a few kilometres from our boat. We were still on Indian territory that time. Suddenly, we noticed that we are running out of fuel. So, we fished whatever we could in that radius and turned back. Had we gone a few more meters ahead, we would had been arrested or shot dead.”

Meanwhile, there were talks going on in the village circles that, the coming back of fishermen, unhurt and undelayed, will be celebrated as festival in the upcoming years.