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TamBrahm comes second in class

15, Feb 2014 By Agnel

In what is being labelled by Children’s Rights groups as unthoughtfulness on behalf of the parents of 12 year old Prashanth – whose parents were not very “shant” after the class 7 results were out and they realized that their younger son came second behind a boy of another community.


It is being said that their plans of visiting Guruvayoor for the summer have been cancelled and Prashanth has been sent for tuitions for class 8. Mr. Shantaraman his dad was not pleased when our reporter visited his place after learning about this unfortunate incident.

“This is the first time ever that he has come 2nd, I am very very disappointed. The community will not accept this. Coming second in class is not an option. This is not the IPL auction. This is life. My older son always came first in class and today he’s doing his MS in the US. All my nephews and nieces come first. This is unprecedented. Moreover he has come 2nd to someone outside our community – what face will I show to my friends over filter coffee tomorrow? I had planned his career out perfectly – got him into a school where there is no other boy from our community – so he could just easily come first but he has definitely let me down. Can you believe he has missed out on the first rank by two marks – that too in Physics where he scored 98. This is just not acceptable in this house and will definitely not be tolerated,” said Mr. Shantaraman with an angry/disappointed look. His mum SHANTI just sulked in the corner unable to hide her tears.

A teary eyed Prashanth could not be consoled “I was looking forward to the trip to Guruvayoor but that’s not happening this summer and also my playing time has been cancelled, so I will now miss my chess classes. Moreover dad used to let me drink filter coffee twice a week – as a punishment has cancelled that is making me drink horlicks everyday. I also have to go for Physics, Chemistry and Computer Science tuitions while dad will teach me Maths everyday because he is good at it. I will really miss my chess friends.”

Our sympathies are with the lad. The “Tambrahm but dared to come 2nd” group has planned an agitation outside his colony to protest the inhumane treatment being meted out to Prashanth.

PS : The coffee that they served at his residence was out of the world but given the mood – I dare not ask which brand it was. I guess I can empathize with Prashanth.