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Tales of tomato on cheeks or chics

31, Jul 2014 By khakshar

The taste of tomato is being lost in Sabji Mandis. It has been reported from many cities that price of tomato has reached Rs. 100 in the retail across the country.

Small restaurant owners, often have to decide between raising prices and curbing profit margins. Small restaurant owners are using  puree and ketchup as the price of these products have not increased. Insiders tell that bulk season buying by food product companies keeps their price stable.

It’s natural that the debate on the increase in prices of  Tomato is catching more attention than ruse red  cheeks of the Kick actress  Jaquline. A certain leader of the ruling party categorically said that  Tomato is a luxurious type of vegetable. It helps in reducing the cosmetic cost by keeping the cheeks of rich always red. ‘The common man on the street has no worries about the rise in price of Tomato” , he told. What he actually meant was that Tomato will continue to be beyond common man’s plates just alike Onions in the last one year.

The most hit however is the As Soon As Possible  Class or ASAP  middle class. Boys and Girls are not allowed to leave their homes with putting some make up on the cheeks. Parents do not want that their children should be called ” an Tomato Kid” or UK. Talking to a 17 year old boy weighing 40 Kilo but  with rosy cheeks  the Faking News correspondent @khakshar ,learnt that sibling quarrels between brothers and sisters has a new dimension. It’s called Rosy Cheeks quarrels. Some parents have advised the kids to cover their cheeks while passing through not so “Classy” areas or while riding in town buses and local trains. Parents have suggested the kids that  It’s a bad world out there and some one may confuse the make up wrapped cheeks as storage place for Tomato. Girls say that incidents of staring has increased many folds while the Vellas claim that they are only imagining how Tomatoes look like.