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Taking selfie to be declared as national sport

05, Mar 2014 By Vamsi Sridhar

In  what can be seen as a bid to woo young voters, a leading pro-nationalist, pro secularist, pro Mo..err  party added Selfie to be the national sport in their manifesto.

Progressive dog.

Anvit Shah, the campaign president, spoke to yours truly while on his way to meet the alliance partners to float this idea.

“We need to look forward. Building parks and grounds are now ideas of yesteryear. The current government included Sachin Tendulkar to boost sports in India. Kuch hua? India loses all away tours, and to divert the attention, BCCI includes IPL in the agenda with a promise that an Indian Team will take the Cup. I know it has come true in the past 6 years, but India deserves change!”
” But Sir, how will construct Selfie as a national sport? On what basis winners will be judged?”
“See, here we will take help of social media like Twitter. The one with maximum number of retweets will be one of the dimension to consider. Selfies of ladies who don’t pout will get a place in Dilli’s National Museum as they are now to be considered an endangered specie.”
“Thank You so much Sir for taking some time off to talk to see. I don’t know whether this will be enough to woo 40,000+ young  and first time voters (no, it does not RaGa or Shah Rukh Kahn). May be if you can add the removal of Last Seen at feature from poor man’s BBM- Whatsapp to the manifesto, it will catch some eyeballs.”