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Taiwan behind border attacks: A K Antony

07, Aug 2013 By makessense2u

New Delhi: Indian defence minister Antony made a startling revelation that the recent killing of 5 Indian soldiers near the Indian was a handiwork of the Taiwanese Terrorist Group called “Tu Chu Hai.”

He took pains to explain about this newly formed group which reportedly has some dreaded terrorists from Antarctica also. The group was formed just 50 minutes before Antony prepared has Assembly speech and idea generation is being credited to Antony’s personal assistant.

Brushing aside all the allegations of the report being fake, Antony said, “This is a very dangerous terrorist outfit. They are a bunch of Taiwanese terrorists who are of Serbian origin, can speak German and live in Cameroon and conduct their operations from Cyprus with their intelligence wing based in Antarctica.” When being questioned if this was a global backlash against India, Antony blasted in the microphones that, “Yes. We are positive that this is a global plan to unsettle India as they want our prized possession ‘Mayawati’…!!!”

Reports say that the terrorist outfit ‘Tu Chu Hai’; which is linked with the killings has refused to claim the killings warning that they will never do such things even if Justin Bieber was thrown at them.

On being asked if Pakistan had anything to do with the killings, Kapil Sibal retorted angrily, “Pakistan is a peace loving country. They can never do such a thing. We have sent them a truckload of White Pigeons with olive twigs in their beaks, which symbolizes peace. We are awaiting a reply from them and I expect it to be a positive one.”

Our sources say that a day after Pakistan received the consignment of Olive twigged Pigeons, Pakistan Premier Nawab La Thief held a massive ‘kebab dawaat’ for his followers who flooded in huge numbers to taste the new type of meat being served there.

Arnab GO-ONswami had ripped apart this issue by saying, “How can a country that is going with a begging bowl to IMF every second day, manage to throw such a huge and lavish party? India needs answers. Pakistan needs tissue papers…”

In this battle of denial and stupidity of the Indian Government, the people and the protectors of our Motherland continue to suffer. And most probably they will continue to suffer till Rahul baba comes out with some brilliant idea from his sagging brain.