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Synfosys releases set of playlists for its employees, bans online music

24, Jun 2015 By nihalsharma

Pune. In an unprecedented 16 hours long board meeting, board of directors of the tech giant- Synfosys, have come up with something very different for the employees. A set of playlists have been created and will be hosted on company’s intranet within a couple of days. The company has mandated listening songs from these playlists only. No employee will have access to any songs outside the playlist. The playlist contains Bhakti songs mostly with a couple of EDM and Rap numbers in each set. There will be no Metal and Bollywood item numbers. Audio/Video streaming sites like- Youtube will be banned for a couple of months.

No Music sign would be displayed shortly along with other signs like No Smoking: The Senior HR Head
No Music sign would be displayed shortly along with other signs like No Smoking: The Senior HR Head

Last week one of employees, Raghu Ram Ojha, was caught red handed listening to very offensive songs online. The songs, being streamed from Youtube, made the situation even worse. Songs such as – Pink Lips, Bottle Khol, Paani Wala Dance etc. were found on his playlist. Ojha is a Senior Java Developer with Synfosys. When asked about what could have led to such heinous act, Ojha was already prepared. Ojha said that it was nearly a year before he had last written some code while debugging some exception. He added – a recent promotion to a senior position got him totally confused, so he started taking lessons of Basic Java on Youtube and this was where he picked up this habit of listening to such songs.

Administration took the whole incident very seriously and so there was this decision of having these playlists in place. There have been talks of restricting internet usage and limiting the bandwidth also. The ‘Playlists’ would be served over the intranet to every users, on a separate network line. The company is in talks to hire engineers from CCS to get this thing done asap as the internal IT team is on vacation for the entire month.

Employees have a very mixed reaction about the announcements. Some of them were not at all bothered but some were totally furious. ‘Sala bhojpuri dose kahan se milega bhai. Lollypop to chahiye hoga.’, said Shyam Babu Tiwari, who is again a Senior Java Developer. Radhika Mittal added that online streaming is an employee’s right and they must exercise it in whichever way they want to. Naveen Manik, who is Team Lead of the same team in which Ojha is, asked the employees for a strike. He thinks Ojha did not do anything wrong.

Let’s hope the situation calms down soon and the higher authority comes up with a different favourable solution. Till then the employees are the one to suffer.