Tuesday, 24th April, 2018

Swift ideas for solution is jugaad

17, Jan 2018 By shakeel ahmad

A desi mom was busy in cooking rotis at a fireplace in Canada. This Punjabi family tried to make the most of the situation as it was the best jugaad to bake the roti. Proverbs like ‘Jehan Chhah Wanha Raah’ and ‘mauke ka phhayada utthana’ seem correct in this idea. Just as a dying person requires even a minute assistance for revival so as we promptly gather our lost optimism by accessing through scanty sources. This is what we often describe as jugaad.

A loader was carrying several large-sized marbles sheets. In order to avoid direct cracks in the sheets the driver divided the number of pieces and kept equal number of thick marble sheets by the vehicle’s elevated sidewalls and placed wooden long sticks in the broad gap between two opposite sides in order to balance them at  the vehicle’s speedy movement on the road. This trick reduced the chances of breakage or crack or damage to the marble sheets.

A cable man fixed small wheels on the longer wooden ladder’s one end and felt no problem in dragging the stepladder easily up to the destination by sitting on bike’s back seat of the motorcycle moving on speedily on the road. One weak and lean grandmother with some problem in her right leg was not finding it easier to move about in another room. So the grandson got her seated on the cycle’s carrier and brought her into the sunshine.

At a Lending Library there was only one hole to return the book. The students’ crowd disallowed easy access. A student approached the pigeon’s hole with a burning cigarette to forward it to the counter clerk sitting inside. It paved ample space to the student in receiving the book. Every difficulty could be surmounted by use of mental skill.