Tuesday, 20th February, 2018

Swift air flight vital amid rail mishaps

08, Sep 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Rise in the rail accidents has led the passengers to think of air travel. At least they will reach their respective destination without any problem. First the roads were said to be dangerous now the rail has been giving the similar impression. Day after day the accidents are occurring on different rail routes. The worse example of such mishap remained three accidents in a day. If we consider of the rail accidents in the past one month, as many as seven major rail accidents were happened with big loss of human lives.

The central government needs to think of bringing the airfare to a level which could be affordable to the general class rail passengers. It is only then the common man would get facility of the air travel. The economy class air fares must be restructured as to accommodate the poor passengers. Not only the time will be saved but there will also be an accident free journey. We have so far seen there is no improvement in maintenance of the rail tracks despite horrific accidents. If the metro is solution of the uncontrollable road congestion, the economical air journey should be made available to the passengers.

The short-distance air journey can be the only answer to the risky train travel. Nobody knows when the mishap would take place in the prevailing condition of the poor upkeep of the railway tracks. Despite all the tall claims of the railways engineering department, it is not finding itself competent enough to curtail the accidents on the tracks. The damaged tracks are not completely serviced to check repeated accidents. When we say the time is changing, the common man of this independent country should avail the benefit of flying high in the sky. Why are they deprived of air trip even after seventy long years of the country’s freedom?