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Sushmaaji confesses to His Holiness Shri Shri Arnab Gowswami

20, Jun 2015 By josh91

In a recent confession to a news channel, Sushmaaji thought that it was Narindera Modi and not Lalita Modi who requested for the travel documents; the reason why she proceeded to solicit his request to the UK government.

In a detailed confession with His Holiness Shri Shri Arnab Gowswami on Time’s Now, Sushmaaji confessed that she mistook Lalita Modi’s appeal for Narindera Modi’s.

Sushma Swaraj talking to Arnab
Sushma Swaraj talking to Arnab

Countering Shri Arnab’s unconfirmed sources and spirits she said: ‘There have been instances in past where Modi (read as Narindera Modi) was not allowed to travel in western countries and that is why the confusion.”

His Holiness, Shri. Shri. Arnab Gowswami (may all news channels find favour on him), called on the spirits and showed Sushmaaji through the crystal ball the proof that in the e-mail exchanged, it was clearly written ‘Lalita Modi’ and not ‘Narindera Modi’, to which Sushmaaji wept bitterly.

Sushmaaji also confessed that when she first heard the news that she would be the External Affairs Minister, she dreamt of travelling to many countries and taking selfies with the NRIs, but to her dismay, Modiji had hijacked the office of External Affairs and her ministry has been reduced to clerical duties which involves responding to queries from twitter handles, providing travel documents, and seeking admission for children of Bhakts in foreign missionary universities. It was such kind of work pressure which caused this error.

On question why she requested help for her nephew’s admission in UK missionary college and not in Indian college, she responded by saying, ‘there are too many Bhakts being appointed as the director and chairman in the prominent institute across India and the freedom of expressions in these institution are slowly being curtailed’.

Sushmaaji, being a strong advocate for freedom of speech expressed that no Indians must face the wrath from HRD ministry. She also said that it is time for all IIT’s and IIM’s to attain ‘swaraj’.

His Holiness, Shri Shri Arnab Gowswami (may Newshour rest in peace)  blessed her and praised her courage in confessing these matters to him and not to other channels.