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Sushma Swaraj's inbox spammed by IT engineers demanding visa assistance

17, Jun 2015 By psych0bar0n

New Delhi. Impressed by Sushma Swaraj’s helpful nature and expertise in Visa processing, thousands of IT employees have written mails to her asking her help in obtaining US visas.

“All my team members have gone onsite while I am still languishing here in Bangalore. I am not even able to find a suitable girl to marry because of this. If this is not compassionate grounds, then what is?” said Mr M.S.Iyer, a software engineer.

Sushma Swaraj
“Now everyone is asking for visa, what is this?”

Another engineer, Lingappa Reddy from Andhra Pradesh complained, “Getting an H1B visa is the chief ambition of 90% of people in my state. Ever since I was in LKG, my parents have told me that I have to somehow get a US H1B visa or the family’s prestige will be zero. Can you imagine the extreme distress it will cause my parents and relatives if I don’t get an H1B?”

FN has learnt that the CEO of an IT giant has requested for 200 visas on humanitarian grounds so that he could send his lowly paid employees on a US trip and make them feel like achievers while paying them peanuts.

Apart from IT engineers, people from other spheres of life have also approached Mrs Swaraj for help.

Banta Singh, an out of work taxi driver has asked for  Canadian Visas for his whole village.  A significant number of requests have come from Kerala. “I waand to go to the Gelf zimbly so that I can get 5000 kilos of gold in dowry so I humbly request Maadam to helb me,” said Mr Dinesh Nair whose entire family is in Dubai.

Singer and travel agent Dollar Mehndi has also expressed interest in working with Mrs Swaraj in helping fellow Indians get visas minus the paperwork and documentation.

Mrs Swaraj has however declared that she will not entertain any such requests although she was last seen figuring out who sent her an annonymous email signed R.G, requesting a US visa so that he could take a compassionate sabbatical in Las Vegas.