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Sushil Kumar Shinde is the new brand ambassador of the Indian Mujahideen

12, Nov 2013 By iamgreat

New Delhi. Identity crisis was the major problem lurking around the Indian Mujahideen since Yasin Bhatkal’s arrest. The amateur execution of Patna blasts and the arrests that followed only added insult to their injury. However now it seems that the terror outfit has found the way to rebuild its brand equity. According to reports, the Indian Mujahideen has signed a contract with home minister Sushil Kumar Shinde hiring him as their brand ambassador.

Shinde thanking Indian Mujahideen for the faith shown by them in him.
Shinde thanking Indian Mujahideen for the faith shown by them in him.

Although the relations between home minister and the terror outfit were said to be hostile but what actually served as an ice breaker and brought some hope for IM was  Shinde’s statement in the media in which he said, “If they (IM) would have gone by what we say, there would have been riots across the country.” The statement is said to have appealed the leadership of IM so much that they decided to make Shinde their Brand Ambassasor. “Earlier we were thinking of approaching Digvijay Singh but after watching Shinde’s statement on TV, we were so inspired by him that we decided to make him the face of our organisation” said the branding and publicity manager of Indian Mujahideen.

The Indian Mujahideen is also planning to launch two ad campaigns much the same like ones of UPA and erstwhile NDA government. “One would be in hindi and one in english, the tagline for hindi advertisement is ho raha bharat vidhwans, and that for english one is India Blasting“, added the IM brand  manager. Reports also suggest that there would be few roadshows and rallies organised in Darbhanga in Bihar to encourage recruitment in the outfit for which the IM leadership has requested permission from the government of Bihar and asked for administrative support for allotment of a ground and managing security.

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