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Survey shows MBA students learn only clicking photos and selfies in B-School

17, Jun 2017 By Bhavesh Shrivastav

MBA is one of the most coveted courses in India and every Sharma Ji’s and Gupta Ji’s children is doing MBA so there has been a tremendous pressure on kids to crack CAT and do MBA. But recently a survey by Never-MBA magazine revealed that after advent of smart phones now MBA students spend most of their time in clicking selfies and posting on various social networking sites.

Survey studied a sample of 1000 B-School students and found that after sleeping in class students spent most of their time in clicking selfies. Venkat Chaklu, a recruiter told Faking News, “Scenario is getting very peculiar now as when we ask MBA students in interview to tell something about themselves they say their left selfie profile is better than right one. Sometimes it feels like they did MBA major in “Selfiegraphy” or Snapping and not in Finance or Marketing.”

Selfie masters of the country
Selfie masters of the country

Rajat Bansal, an MBA student at Blue Moon Institute of Management said, “There is nothing wrong in being expert in selfie and snapping, we take inspiration from our Prime Minister Narendra Modi who is biggest selfie freak and photo conscious personality. Clicking selfies and posting is the best practice of marketing as number of likes that we get on our photos is a parameter to gauge how well we studied marketing.”  Faculties who are worried about this situation tell that students are not at all interested in what we speak in lectures but they only wait for our farewell lecture so that they can take selfie with us and show they care about what we taught.

Mannu Chaddha, a mother of MBA student told that she was appalled and worried when she saw her son having selfie with Rahul Gandhi and she immediately traveled to her son and took him to a psychiatrist for consultation to check whether he was fine. She added, “I was relived when I came to know that MBA students don’t let any selfie moment go no matter what.” MBA students are said to be the future of this country and we hope  that with selfie skills they learn some management skills also so that they know more than which is their better selfie profile.