Monday, 19th February, 2018

Supreme Court turns the tides, makes President’s approval compulsory to arrest IITians

12, Jun 2014 By PAiNKilleR

In a historic amendment of Section 69 Article 786 of the Indian Constitution, the Supreme Court has finally added another quilt to the dignity of the IITians.

After a series of incidents on, the popular Question and Answer portal, which involved an answer stating the Governor’s signature a compulsion to arrest IITians for any crime, people seemed too excited to upvote and share it on their Facebook walls.

Following this, a PIL was filed by Money Singh of IIT Delhi, in the Supreme Court, led by a panel of three judges. Honorary Counsel Ramsay Demello Xavier, or RDX, took a close look on the petition and the evidence backing it up. “It was inevitably necessary. An IITian is not just any other person in the country. They are the future, they need to be protected by the nation.”

Interestingly, the Aam Aadmi Party has gladly welcomed the new law. “We were already fed up with long hours of Bail-related debates with Arvind. Now we don’t need to worry much because he cannot be arrested without the President’s permission.”

When asked about her stand on this verdict, HRD Minister said, “We were already in the process of filing such a petition. You see, that is why we are increasing the number of IITs. We are also on our way to finalize our Human Resource Ministry motto as IITian: Kahani Ghar Ghar ki. This move will help in making India a much better place for education. Even Foreign intake of students will increase a lot!”

Good or bad, the IITians are all jovial and jumpy with this new decision. “Now atleast we can post humorous jokes on YouTube and Facebook without the fear of being thrown into the jail before anybody even likes them!”