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Supreme Court announces annual vacation schedule of the Italian marines

22, Feb 2013 By Sandeep Kadian

To save the effort of passing an order for each vacation, Supreme Court has announced an annual vacation schedule of the Italian marines held in India over the murder of two Indian fishermen.

The schedule is for the remainder of this year and will be re-issued in January next year if the Italian marines are still in India by then.

The Supreme Court decided to issue this schedule after granting permission to two Italian marines to travel back to their country to exercise their franchise in the ongoing elections in Italy.

Speaking to Faking News, a senior Supreme Court judge said, “We have more important matters to deal with and can’t spend all our time approving vacations for these marines. So we have issued a complete schedule for them.”

The details of the vacation schedule are mentioned in the table below.

30.03.2013 29.04.2013 To celebrate Easter and Liberation day Italy
30.04.2013 15.05.2013 To celebrate labor day in their home
16.05.2013 15.06.2013 To celebrate Republic day of Italy
16.06.2013 15.07.2013 To celebrate St. Peter & St. Paul day
16.07.2013 15.09.2013 Summer Vacations
16.09.2013 05.10.2013 To celebrate Feast Day for Saint Gennaro and  Feast Day for Saint Petronius
06.10.2013 20.11.2013 To take part in White truffle festival  in Alba, celebrate Halloween and All saints Day
21.11.2013 10.12.2013 To celebrate Feast Day for Saint Nicola and Feast Day for Saint Ambrose
11.12.2013 30.12.2013 To celebrate Christmas
31.12.2013 15.01.2014 To celebrate New Year

Supreme Court has also said that this schedule is final and the marines will not be given even one day additional in Italy.