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Super Uranium brotherhood by Swamy

29, Jul 2014 By Boka Bihari

With The “Super Uranium ” in his brains absorbing all radiations , the renowned professor of  Economics is radiating new ideas.

The name “Super Uranium” was fondly given to him at The  Havard  while he studied and taught as a Professor. As “Subramanium” was quite difficult to pronounce , his peers used to call him “Super Uranium”. The name was also a tribute to his innovative ideas on Economics and  India Social scenario. Subramanium Swamy is a house hold name in India. Known for his “out of the box thinking” , more books and articles  have been written on his personality than his own treasures of wisdom.

The great Ideologue can never be kept out of News. Not withstanding his immense potential to raise issues related to Economics and “Scamonomics” , he prefers raising issues related to his own vision of Indian Society.  “Scamonomics” is a word coined for his crystal clearing  understanding of how the Economics of a Scam works.  His role in establishing National Herald Loan scam , 2 G allocation scam  naturally makes him the pioneer in study of the new subject of advanced Economics.  However he is not always in news for unearthing Scams but creating a celestial view on social condition prevailing in India.

His most recent statement on BJP’s proposed alliance with   Mr. Sajjad Lone in upcoming Jammu & Kashmir assembly elections may turn out to be a master stroke.  A senior BJP leader had met separatist turned politicians to forge an alliance. Mr. Swamy stated that there was no harm in his Party aligning with such groups. After all the separatists were Hindus , mostly of the highest order before their forced  religious conversion. Mr. Swamy has initiated a campaign in the Valley , which focuses around establishing the ancestral lineage of eminent separatist leaders. Bundled with this knowledge , he proposes to reduce the hostility. He also plans to send back Kashmiri Pandits back to valley once the brotherhood is established.