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Sunny Leone to be sued for insulting a lingerie salesman

18, Jul 2013 By berozgarbtech

Sunny Leone , the famous traditional girl from the “Land of Kamasutra” is supposed to be sued by a lingerie store salesman for insulting him. Panti-lal Yadav, a salesman from a high-class lingerie store in Mumbai, alleged that this Bolly-girl insulted him during her visit to the store.

“When she asked for the trial room, i suggested her that there is no harm even in changing in front of me. Listening this, Sunny slapped me”- said the abnormally used man! “hamne kaha , hamare saamne hi badal lijiye ne kapde, koi dikkat nahi hai aakhir fan hain aapke . itna sunte hi ek laafa pad gaya” Panti-lal repeated the incident.

Panti-lal, the resident of Mumbai has contacted Human Rights dept for his next step after having some talks with his lawyer. In a condition of shock after the sleep… errr .. slap incident, Panti-lal with hopes of justice further expressed his common man spirit with the words as, “agar yahan courat se nyay nahi mila to delhi me Katju sahab tak jaunga , lekin haar nahi manunga.

Sunny was unavailable to comment on the issue as she was busy in some ” auditions” with Mahesh Bhatt for upcoming movie, Khujli.