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Sunny Deol says enough is enough, Pakistan Army shell shocked

13, Oct 2014 By Desi Chandler Bing

Delhi. As border tension between India and Pakistan getting worse day by day, India’s super hero and part time actor Sunny Deol was heard saying  shouting screaming “Enough is Enough”.

Incident happened this morning when everyone in North India was taking morning naps, after 8 hour of sleeping. Though Sunny Deol was not available to clarify his comment but his family member told media that he was watching The News Hour with younger brother Arnab Goswami before going to bed.

They further added that by mistaken they asked him to buy a new hand pump yesterday. Both these comment were enough to speculate that Sunny Deol wants to end this border tension and now preparing to teach Pakistan another lesson and also bring another hand pump for his home.

Sunny Deol Said Enough is Enough - Pakistan Army Shell Shocked
“Oye, bas kar”

As soon as the news went viral all over the world, Pakistan Army went into actual shell and get shocked to be shell shocked. Few of them were seen with tears in eyes shouting, “What this talk, in joke 2-4 goli we can’t walk “(Translated as – “Ye Kya baat hui, majak me 2-4 goli bhi nahi chala sakte”).

Few of them were seen writing resignation letter and packing their bags and others were trying to contact Arvind Kejriwal to plan a dharna against Sunny Deol.

Meanwhile, Pakistan Army chief Raheel Sharif (who clarified again that he is not related to Nawaz Sharif, for God’s sake) has asked his troops to stay calm while he will try to contact Indian government. In a statement given to media Mr. Sharif said, “Everyone makes mistake, we all are human. We were ready for a nuclear fight as well but the latest reports of Sunny Deol launching an attack on Pakistan is something we want to avoid. In 2001 we have been his victim and now Pakistan is not ready to survive another Sunny Deol attack. We are trying to contact Indian Government and will offer as many hand pump as possible and half of Pakistan as well but request them to stop this attack as soon as possible.”

Media report in Pakistan claimed that already more than 100 people have died of heart attack since this news broke on television.

Indian army were seen relaxing on border and some of them were consoling Pakistani army. They were also giving each other cards with message, “We will miss you – as we won’t see you again”.

Meanwhile, an emergency meeting was held in Beijing and hours later Chinese troops were seen going back to their territory after a long time. One of the officials from Chinese Government said that we have seen 2001 devastation happened in Lahore and we can’t risk of the same happening in China.

3 Days Later

Sunny Deol was finally available for comment and clarified that he had no intention of launching any kind of attack on any country right now, and was furious that his home is flooded with thousands of hand pump. When asked about his “Enough is Enough” comment he said – “That night when I went to bed I got a call from a journalist asking about my next movie release, to that my reaction was ENOUGH IS ENOUGH (with wet eyes).”