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Suffer Nama of FN citizen journalist

09, Apr 2014 By khakshar

The citizen journalist was asked by The Faking News to report about the mood of nation before the impending general elections. As usual it was an Unpaid Media assignment. To add to the woes yours truly @khakshar was to travel in train at own expenses. Some diary entries of the non-journalist reporter’s “suffer nama” are listed

Tuesday 1st April –14.00 Hrs.– Boarded the “Toilet” of General Compartment of Varanasi -Chennai Fast Passenger at Varanasi.  (Cursed the Editorial Board as my money could allow me General Tickets only)

Met Panda “Gapodi Shastri” who seemed angry with the slogan Har Har Modi , Ghar Ghar Modi citing people shouting  Ghar-Ghar as ruffians who were after his house and also on a sly wanted to flirt with his better half.

15.25 Hrs.– Was forced to drink Seven cups of Tea  with sermons of  “prachand  bahumat” for “Modi Sarkar, Abki Bar”.

16.00 Hrs.-  A man  with a Jhadoo kicked me out of my shit seat and called me corrupt  for occupying the Toilet. Adding injuries to my wounds called  he me Paid Media. (Further cursed FN)

18.00 Hrs.—The train entered Bihar and it was detained near a crossing . Inquiry to “Badam Vendors” brought out the  fact that some people were getting ready in their  homes nearby rail track to board the train. They were to meet Mr.Sadhu Yadav ex MLC and brother of ex-CM ,Mrs.Rabri Devi at MaharajGanj.

20.00 Hr.s–The train moved southwards  again and  entered Jharkhand.

22.00 Hr.s–The Railway Police Force pulled me out of my comfortable shitting posture and checked my belongings and made a body check on me as suspected elements are done with at US airports. On learning my being Un-Journalist Reporter , branded me Maoist Supporter. Three Cigarettes and umpteen abuses later, they let to regain my position. (wished Editors  like Rahul Roshan, Gappistan Radio, Idiot_420, I_psycho deserved the treatment more)

23.10 Hrs– Met BJP supporters who still believed that Mr.Yashwant Sinha was the Lok Sabha candidate in HazariBagh and not his son Mr.Jayant Sinha was the candidate.

23.40 Hrs– Got thrashed by people who mistook me as BJP agent while talking to BJP supporters of Mr.Yaswant Sinha. The people who thrashed me were angry with  BJP  for not doing encore of nominating the son or daughter of sitting MP  in Patna Sahib Lok Sabha Constituency. They were of the view that “HeliPad Forehead Sonakshi Sinha’ would have added to glamour and numer of seats to BJP.Some were even shouting “Khamosh” as war cry.

Next day diary entries “post” through West Bengal, Odisha, Andhra Pradesh,Telangana and Tamil Nadu will be at mercy of some shoe string chepo editors of Faking News