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Sudden findings in parallel universe

12, Feb 2014 By praprapra

An Indian scientist from National Scientific Institute, Vgyan Nagar, has come up with astonishing findings while researching on parallel universe theory. A devoted follower of Einstein, Dr Doorki Dekho has been working on time travel and parallel universe concepts for long.

And one day, during sudden power failure in the city, his lab went into tizzy. “Usual power cuts which last for some 12 hrs daily, we expect them and are prepared with all things required. Like mattress and pillow and go to our terrace or balcony. You see, we spend all our budget on machinery, computers for tests and not on generators etc.”

“You were saying about sudden power failure,” we from Faking news, who had gone there first before any other news reporter, interupted.

“Yes, yes, so when this sudden power failure happened, we began looking for our required things and forgot to shut down computers and other machines. So when power came within 30 minutes, again suddenly and we were snoring in our extra siestas, our assistant sub junior peon Chotu came and woke us up and told us to begin work”.

When they came down, Dr Doorki and his assistants, junior assistants alongwith sub junior assistants, they were aghast with the findings coming out of printer of parallel unverse finder.

“ In that universe, things were quite unintersting. Vey boring, especially in our country there”.

“ Can you tell us some of them?”

“They are of immense importance, national importance but esteemed publicaton like Faking News cannot be denied little inner juicy bits, can we? After all its our social responsibity!!! you see….”

“ Can you tell us some specifics, nation wants to know now!!!”

“ Okay. Like in there, the Dynasty was long gone in 1990s. There seemed to thriving inner democracy in Congress, in a way you cannot imagine!”


“The current scion of the family was working in annonimity somewhere near Cambridge, researching the ‘phenomenon of mediocrity’ for his thesis”

“ For his Ph.D?”

“ No…. his second year… 17 th attempt….”

Ohh..we must have sounded disappointed.

“ And there we found one retired havldar from Solapur named S. Shinde, with constant nice smile, who made it big.”

“How? He became commissioner of Mumbai Police something?”

“ No not so glorious. He became owner of first private security firm for film stars and celebs. There was no need for that, but he created this idea in evryone’s mind there that successful people require to be security, without they knowing themselves!”

“Oh….” again bit dissappointed.

“ And our cricket team there is winning every overseas tour!!!!” Dr was not nearly sleepy eyed.

“ So they must be billiona….”

“ Noooo… thats so funny! They are bit simpltons there. They play cricket , cricket and cricket. Even Ranji trophy! No one complains about fatiugue. In news reports which are only on one last page of news papers ther, cricketers point out at other sports humbly and say they are in a very slow and lazy sport. So why fatiuge?”

“ Quite stupid, dont you think?”

“Rather…” continued Dr Doorki… “ you see, even the commentry there seems quite weird. No one says intersting lines like… He has to continue the good work…. or, ball is nicely coming onto the bat .. its a good wicket to bat on..”.

“And film stars?” We were now curious how people in That India survive without any entertainment?

“ Oh… they act! I mean they act well. And films actually need to run for 25 weeks to be called a Hit and actor need to have some 5-6 hits to be called a hero ot star”

“ And worst of all… there is no Facebook!!!!!”

Now our reporting team was going to faint en masse!

“ They actually socialize in old fashioned boring way like calling people and meeting them regularly in person. I dont know how they spend their time without FB! Not only in that India but whole world. Now let me go. I need to find out whats happenning in other parts of that world. ”

We came out dizzily, fearing that there may not be Faking news too!!!! We didnt stop him to ask about Delhi CM there or Alok Nath of that India. What if they are not there at all?

Thank God we are in this world and all is well with this world!!!!!