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Subrata Roy threatens to sponsor each Pakistani player with 14 cr, if not given parole

06, Mar 2014 By Baawra Chhora

If your “Citi moment of Success” today was when you teased Paki players of how they will not earn crores in IPL, then we are afraid this might not anymore be! Subrata Roy its seems is not that fond of sleeping and eating in Tihar jail  and hence decided to spoil your tweets and posts.

Well played

As was told by sources to this reporter, Subrata had given the SC a list a of his relatives who would be falling ill in coming year and businessman-turned-prisoner had asked for a parole till 31 December to visit them.

This was turned down by Supreme Court who said, “Go to hell, our grandsons are already getting online bashing for one parole we gave. We can’t risk a second one,” which led to the rebel step taken by Roy.

From his cell no.420, Subrata Roy was heard calling Afridi after today’s match and offered Paki players a number ‘14‘ per player as sponsership fee. Afridi was found dancing and firing ‘sutli-bum‘ after he heard of this. Apparently Afridi had taken it for Rs 14 hence when a confirmation SMS read ’14 Crore to be received’ , the Paki 17-forever cricketer was still looking for a rocket launcher to mark the celebration.

This step by Roy has upset a number of Facebook and Twitter addicts, the only way for whom to console themselves after Indian and Bangladeshi defeat was posting about how an Afridi or Gul would never get 14 Cr in IPL. These netizens have started Trending #Subra(ta)NaManoHoliHai over the ink-throwing ceremony incident.

Unfazed by this, Subrata is going to sponsor New Zealand cricket team, as a mark of love to the ‘Black’ ink thrown at him. Infact he is planning to develop a township named “Tihary Valley ” inside the jail for the rich and famous Tihar Jail dwellers. Also a Tihar cup is being planned inside the prison , the winner from which shall get a free villa in ‘Tihary Vally’.

In an unrelated news, BCCI was reportedly planning to get its jersey colour changed to black.