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Subrata Roy expresses disappointment over Kejriwal never exposing him

04, Mar 2014 By Vaibhav Anand

Lucknow: Subrata Roy, the founding promoter of the Sahara Group, who was arrested by the UP police on Friday, has come out with a shocking statement. 

Subrata Roy Sahara
“Just once Mr. Kejriwal”

Speaking to this Faking News reporter from the guest house where he was being detained, Subrata Roy predictably professed his innocence before going on to express his sorrow over the fact that the Aam Admi Party did not think it was important enough to expose him as well.

“The reported amount of my scam is tens of thousands of crores,” Mr. Roy is reported to have said. “Arre koi mujhe bhi toh importance do! Khalee Ambani-Ambani karte rehte hain!”

Having been caught after playing an elaborate game of cat and mouse with the Lucknow Police and trying to seek refuge under the pretence of an ill mother,

Mr. Roy was understandably perturbed on not being ‘exposed’ by Arvind Kejriwal. “I am bigger than Ambani! I have sponsored the Indian cricket team and an F1 team… I even have a city named after me,” Mr. Roy exulted, referring to ‘Sahara Sheher’.

“All Ambani has is an odd shaped house in Mumbai that looks like a three year built with lego pieces,” he said. “And even then, Kejriwal chooses to go only after Ambani? What a shame!”