Thursday, 22nd March, 2018

Subrata Roy assailant demands credit for Yogendra Yadav ink attack

11, Mar 2014 By The Silent Thinker

The person, who attacked Subrata Roy by throwing black ink on his face, is upset as no credit for the ink attack on Yogendra Yadav has been given to him. He says the attacker should have shared the credit with him for using his idea.

Yogendra Yadav Inked
Credit de do bhai use

In a public statement he has said, “India has become a breeding ground for plagiarism. There is no originality in anything anymore. Movies, books and even methods of protest are being copied. We are a country of billion people and still we can’t come up with our original ideas.”

He believes that some processes should be in place to stop plagiarism in the field of protests and original ideas should be patented. If somebody wishes to employ a method or an idea, which has been already implemented; the person must get an approval from the original inventor.

He complains that the Wikipedia has a list for only shoe throwing incidents and not ink throwing incidents. “The person who attacked Bush throwing a shoe got all the limelight in international media. Tomorrow, if somebody attacks an international figure with the method devised by me, then he will get all the attention from international media again. Also, the current victims are alleging that the political parties are behind these incidents and the parties are getting all the credit for my idea. I also deserve some recognition for it.”

He has demanded to set up IIPTs(Indian Institute of Protest Training) across the country. These institutions will be responsible for documenting different ideas employed in protests and issue patents to original inventors. The students enrolling for different programs offered, will be also trained on how to use technology and social media for protests. He strongly believes that these institutes will create employment opportunities as well, as most of the students will be hired from the campus by political parties. The political parties are running short of talent to stage protests in parliament and on the streets.

Government is also taking it seriously. Education ministry has expressed interest and told that protests have become a common thing now-a-days worldwide. Students across the globe will be keen to enroll for the courses offered by these institutes.