Monday, 19th February, 2018

Study weather by Dupatta style

29, May 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: In the yesteryears experienced people used to read the weather condition by looking at the direction of the wind. They were so expert in an exact calculation of the weather conditions. Their practical knowledge was far better than the advanced computerised system existing at present. Even the ship sailors were wise enough to study the storm in the sea. That was positively a different method for understanding the changing weather.

Nevertheless, the system and situation have comparatively changed in the present times. The weather forecasts are currently available at all the appropriate time. There are available several ways to read the accuracy in the weather condition. But the most preferred way is now to read how a girl adjusts her dupatta. If she encircles her thin or wide neck, it is considered a moderate weather, if she puts it over her sensible head, it is hot sunny weather and if she lays it on right long shoulder, it is a humid weather.

Being the hot month of the summer season, the girls are found to be tightening the grip of their dupatta on their head and around the lower neck. It gives the impression of the sweltering heat and unbearable blazing sun. The people quickly come to know of the heat wave and the daily temperature is breaking all the previous records. This is the newest trend to comprehend the mood of the weather. The weather experts are said to have been convinced with these symptoms of the extreme hotness. The temperature is constantly showing an upward trend.

Covering the head is indeed the safest way to save oneself from the hidden heat of sunny days. The girls observe it very authentically and do not fail to cover their heads while moving out. Boys rather show little interest in covering their heads with white cotton clothes. But they are also following this trend amply and essentially.