Tuesday, 24th April, 2018

Students should take gud & Channa

26, Mar 2018 By shakeel ahmad

“Eat gud and chhana daily for a stronger body. With it, she also advised taking the cashew nuts soaked in the water,” while presenting the annual promotion report card. She was directly talking the thinner student of the area’s posh school. She for all time indicated at that boy’s feeble physique. Her words eventually became a customary hint for the student’s parents also when had to meet her in the parent-teacher meeting.

Obviously, every student in the class fear from the class teacher and that sincere and obedient boy was no exception to such sort of reality. As the boy reached the school quite early owing to some reasons, he was the first student standing before his class teacher on that particular day.

Looking at his frail and weak frame she enquired the student of his weak body. She continued by saying that he did not now look like a class fifth student. His height was also not matching up to his class. She did a handshake with the boy and suggested him to look up to his lean body. The boy could not help glancing at the teacher’s face as he definitely feared his teacher on the results’ declaration day at the school.

Giving the shiny sleeky printed annual report card the class teacher said that the boy did not look a student of class V just because of his thin physique. He needed to be a little taller too. Practice by hanging or swaying on some high pole.

However, the parents were also helpless as that boy consumed bread and tea in the breakfast. His body weight remained unchanged after 22 Kg. The normal weight at his age should be of 28 Kg, as doctors have clarified. He does not relish fruits of any kind. He even avoids eating vegetables.