Wednesday, 21st March, 2018

Students' Ta-Ta to capacious bags after holidays' cut!

27, Apr 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: What has depressed most to the school-going students is the curtailment of about sixteen holidays from the list. They will now no longer pass their days in vacations by that state government’s order. Therefore they have decided to protest with a novel way. This may not be categorised as a wholly fresh idea but it can be an impressive thought. It has come to the notice that the students were not reaching their school with the shoulder bag. They have discarded not to carry the capacious school bag. Raising the slogan, “Bye-Bye school bag”, they have demonstrated their objection on the school campuses. This has jolted the teachers and other students when they found a group of students avoiding their shoulder bag. What were they holding were a few books in their hands? They thereupon felt that they must now be able to declare their freedom from the heavy bag which they had been bringing for the last several years. Without the heavy load of the shoulder bag, they heaved a sigh of relief.

Though this initiation brought an unexpected pleasure, it was quite an odd experience for others at the school. In the meantime, the class teachers stunningly made a query, “Where are your school bags?” That certainly was a point. Their prompt reply came, “Those are is at the homes”. Only disgruntled students can answer in such a brazen and undaunted voice otherwise students fear from the teachers out of respect. They were thinking of that they won’t give up straightaway from this exercise but it was not possible every day. As the order being made at the government level, it cannot be opposed in any way. Therefore, discarding of the bag was merely an execution of their past pledge which they had once made before their friends if they were divested of the benefit of the holidays.

It appeared like a challenge to them. They only are now completing their promises. Not only the teachers were surprised to see them attending the class without the bag but the students were also dazed to see the in that peculiar position. They seemed to have communicated a message to their classmates. They showed that weight of the books was no longer tolerable. That’s why they have disliked the capacious school bag and this being their maiden attempt drew the attention of one and all. At least for one day, those students abandoned their school bags with impudence; their direct connection with the books and the copies were severed instantly. Those students discarded the usual load of books which supposed to be bearing since their junior classes. At this point of time, this act meant saying Ta-Ta to a years-old tradition. They seemed to have abruptly covered up their usual link with the school bag and willingly slipped out of their way for loading books.

It might be called a preparation for relief from the shoulder bags. The students certainly expected an informal escape from the bags this summer. If their choice remains between carrying a bag and coming without a bag, it is no-brainer before conclusion of the academic year! They liked silly hats. The teachers and the students never expected the students to be a bit vain in following such propensity. Conversely, they happened to show an egotistic resolve. “We were normal”, they quipped. They were insisting upon reviving their rights of maximum vacations. They have such higher ambitions more than others. By the time the holidays were not revived they would not better carry the school bag like the normal students. A good many numbers of the students were laughing at the tendency without customary bag. It was a very uncomfortable view for the Convent students who were looking at them elatedly.