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Students attempt suicide by jumping off 'Delhi University's Cut off', Modi plans another tour amidst the crisis

26, Jun 2015 By jineshnotjignesh

New Delhi. It was an emotional and devastating day for young students all over India. Reports have been pouring in about multiple suicide attempts in the nation’s capital.

Chandan Chitwan(19) who was in the news for slipping into depression was among the first students reported to commit the act. “He was getting treated by his psychiatrist and this happened, now the road to recovery is even tougher,” said his mother.

On researching further, our reporters found out that Chitwan was not the only student, and number of students tried to end their life from MCD Civic Centre, the tallest building in Delhi, also known as ‘DU’s Cutoff’ among many students.

Marks in Exams
The height from which the student jumped

We tried getting a word from Chandan, and this is what he had to say: “I was quite sure that I will get admission in D.U., but today on hearing the cut off, I was crushed. I contacted with several fellow classmates, and none of them scored more than 100% which was needed to study in DU. We met at ‘Anté Dú’ cafe and ultimately decided to end this torment.”

The reporters then paid a visit to the Cafe owner, Mr. Pappu Pardesi for a comment who ironically didn’t pass, defying the most significant Indian proverb ‘Pappu pass ho gaya’ and he ended up stating, “I myself was a student who wasn’t able to get admission into D.U., I straight away took admission to IIN, which was still in it’s infancy and was the second best option for me. The name of my cafe itself is a homage you see, I wanted to call it ‘Anti DU’, but changed it to Anté Dú’ which isn’t hateful and serves the purpose.”

“I will also be starting a support group for the poor souls who couldn’t get an admission in DU,” Mr Pardesi further said.

“I’ve always wanted to start a support group, a club, where young students, disappointed and disheartened due to their low percentage like 95% and being weak in extra curricular activities  and who take more than an hour to learn Beethoven’s Symphony, to share their feelings about DU,” Pappu further said.

“I’ve even laid out the rules for the club, ‘First rule of Anti-DU club, is you talk about not getting into DU’,” he added.

Amidst all this, a news came straight from the PMO, claiming that Mr. Modi has gone to another trip, this time to Antarctica, to meet the Antarctic Penguins. On further inquiries, we found out that Mr. Modi was unhappy with the country’s ranking in the Gross National Happiness index, and made the decision to visit the penguins as they looked happy and cheerful in the WhatsApp video shared by Rahul Gandhi.

Meanwhile sources stated that several complaints were from students who visited DU Campus for inquiries, only to be fended away by the university chancellor himself standing on the main gate, screaming “YOU SHALL NOT PASS”.