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Student slips into depression, Doctors detect a case of Maggi Withdrawal Condition

29, Jun 2015 By Musk07

Pune: Sobhan, a hostler from Y Institute of Management has been detected with an acute case of what doctors are calling ‘Maggi Withdrawal Condition’. He was admitted to the city hospital after friends complained of his erratic behaviour over the past few weeks.

Where is My Maggi?

“He had become really quiet. He would neither study nor eat. He would keep staring at his electric kettle which his parents had given him hoping he would boil eggs or milk in it but all he ever used it for was cooking Maggi. Last night he came into my room and offered me 10 Zippie noodles packets in exchange of 1 Maggi packet from my stash. When I refused he got violent. He would have killed me had others not intervened. Both of us were then brought to the City Hospital,” said Sobhan’s friend Manish.

Dr. Bhosle, Head of Psychiatry at the City Hospital said, “Sobhan’s case is an acute one while Mohan has also been put under counsel to determine the level of severity of MWC in him. Students staying in hostels are finding it difficult to cope with the absence of Maggi in the market. We are expecting a rise in the cases of MWC in the coming weeks.”

Doctors have alerted the institutes in the city to closely watch the behaviour of students, particularly hostlers over the next few days.