Saturday, 21st April, 2018

Student not engrossed in his phone, shocks lecturer

18, Apr 2015 By shaifali

New Delhi: A Delhi University professor was mentally shocked yesterday when he found a young student paying attention to the lecture, rather than to his phone. Why was the student not doing as expected could not be found out.

Mr Kramer, the lecturer, said that something like this had not happened to him in the past 5 years. “This guy Adam was paying serious attention to my lecture, and I found it quite discomforting. For a moment I thought I had something in my teeth,” said Mr Kramer to our FakingNews correspondent.

Adam refused to answer any of our questions, but according to his friends, he feels guilty for sending the lecturer in shock.

One of the classmates, who wished to remain anonymous, accuses him, saying, “How can he do such a thing is beyond me. He not only mentally affected a senior lecturer, but also broke the social code of conduct.”