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Student kidnapped in Uttar Pradesh because of his linguistic abilities

25, Jul 2014 By ajeeb

Uttar Pradesh CM with a former US President.
Uttar Pradesh CM with a former US President.

“What seems to us as bitter trials are often blessings in disguise”- this Oscar Wilde s’ quote has become meaningless to Angrez Pratap Britaini (APB), an English school scholar of Uttar Pradesh who is reportedly kidnapped by few men in order to help them in ransacking a foreigner. Mr. Kill Bill who is on a unnecessary tour of Uttar Pradesh is the suspected target.

“APB is a standard VIII student , known in the school for his fluent English speaking abilities and this fame took him into the hands of mean people,” disclosed Ajay Pratap Fauji the head peon of the school.

Our genuine source from Uttar Pradesh, ‘indianpsycho’ said, “It was just an ordinary day for APB. Suddenly during early school hours he was summoned by the headmaster and was told to leave the premises with an arbitrary man who tagged himself as a friend of his father. The reason behind this immediate leave was termed as something ‘special’.”

Soon after the kidnapping, APB s’ parents were informed about the event by the kidnappers. As per them, the kidnapper said, “We are doing this for our minister state’s development, your son is a part of a holy mission and you should be proud of it. He is at a primary school safer location and you have got nothing to worry about it. You can call the police, the media or Arvind Kejriwal by all means.”

The motive of the thugs behind this upcoming loot is not yet disclosed, as of now there are no news of Mr. Bill being kidnapped or being asked for any kind of donations via any improper channel. Anonymous sources have labeled this act as a political kidnapping and have confirmed a couple of eminent names behind it.

When CM of UP was approached, he said, “I take only media persons seriously and you people are my first priority. If it would have been a sad event with a journalist, I could have acted with my whole energy. But still I am looking into the matter seriously, because the case is in the media. I love you ‘the media’.” Our reporters are still trying to decode this information.