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Student goes to school, actually learns something

16, Jun 2014 By Sushrut Abhyankar

Pune: In a shocking turn of events, a 3rd standard student from the Chunkey Pandey School of Excellence has claimed that he was actually able to learn something in school.

The parents have not received the news well and are considering getting psychological help for their ward. The grieving mother said to the press, “We are very disappointed by our son’s actions. School mein ye sab karne ke liye thodi na bhejte hain.”

“Sorry papa”

The incident allegedly took place during the History class where the student claims to have learnt something about the life of prehistoric man. What’s more shocking is that three days after the horrific incident, the student is still able to recall a few details.

The principal of the school has since condemned the incident. He said, “This is a very unfortunate event. We are doing everything in our power to make sure it never happens again.”

Despite these assurances, furious parents have launched protests against the school. One visibly angry parent was quoted saying, “First tobacco stalls and violence, and now this! What all must we protect our children from?”

Meanwhile, the student was severely criticized by the Board of Education who deemed his actions ‘downright reckless’. Unfortunately, this is not an isolated case as several students have come forward and claimed that they too have learnt about History, Geography, Science as well as Mathematics in their respective schools.

A committee is currently being set up in order to bring an end to this problem. Meanwhile concerned citizens of Pune must wait with bated breath for this evil to pass once and for all.