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Student declares himself No.1 for 52 continuous weeks, decides to sue college after being failed

04, Apr 2015 By pknayak

New Delhi (FNI): In a dramatic turnaround at Faku College of Engineering, Manav Mehta, a 2nd yr engineering student has decided to sue the college after being failed in 1st yr.

When our reporter reached out to Manav for his reaction, he was found in a state of complete shock and realizing the skill of our correspondent and the reach of our media house, he replied screamingly: “This type of atrocities from the college was far beyond my imagination. I am aghast once the result has been declared as I was guaranteed for the top spot in the college, forget about my stream only.”

We can survey anything and good result guaranteed

How come you were so sure of the result, it must be the outcome of your arduous and dedicated effort imposed during exam preparation, our correspondent told Manav quietly. To make the environment healthier he continued saying: “The other students might have given more efforts than you had and subsequently received a better result than you.”

No, no, the real picture has been blurred and you are heading towards a wrong direction, Manav replied. It is not the effort level in examination, rather it is the independent survey conducted by me with the help of one of the world’s leading agency which says I’m the no-1 student of the college for 52 weeks in running, he further replied.

“How it is possible? You are telling that a survey agency put you on top and when that didn’t reflected in your result you got annoyed. What I heard is you are planning to sue the college for your result as well.”

Our reporter told Mr. Manav Mehta with surprise. Mr. Mehta, can you please explain the whole enigma to me and that too when we are told by other students that Miss Swaty Singh (girl who topped the exam) is continuously topping every exam in last one year.

“So what, Manav replied the correspondent. It is the same agencies which has conducted survey for all the news channels and declare them as no-1 in the same time. If more than one channel can top the TRP at the same time, why not two students top a college. Nobody has ever doubted the credential of these surveys for media house and now in case of a common man, you are putting question mark on my integrity. I am confident about the conspiracy theory and definitely go to court to challenge College’s result. If required I may go on dharana and even jail myself instead of filling personnel bond,” Manav Mehta replied in single breath.

Realising the mood of an Aam Aadmi, our reporter preferred to vacate the place at earliest telling him the famous SK quote: “Do whatever you want to do man.”