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Student confused between IIM A,B,C and IIN D,E,F i.e. Darbhanga, Etawah, Forbesganj

29, Mar 2015 By sunnyyy

Delhi: An MBA aspirant named Bhetan Chagat has gone into a dilemma of the worst kind ever since he has managed to convert the calls of IIN institute. He got a whooping 99.97 percentile in CAT and converted the calls of IIM Ahmedabad, Bangalore, and Calcutta, and he also applied for IAT i.e. Idea aptitude test in which he scored a massive 68 percentile and converted the calls of legendary IIN Darbhanga, Etawah, Forbesganj.

“It all started way way back in 2013 when I heard for the first time that a Photocopy Wala outside IIT Bombay was hiring trainees for Rs. 5 crores per life and guess what, he hired 5 people and they were all doing engineering through correspondence from IIN Dhaka. I had been waiting for IIN to open its branches in India and now they are massively spread in India and what better than IIN D, E, F.”

Bhetan Chagat asking the world, “Should I choose IIM or IIN”?

Bhetan Chagat told Faking news as he did his evening Aarti in front of KRK’s photo positioned in his living room.

“You know KRK ji did his pre-half-graduation from IIN Forbesganj, that is where I would think of studying. The corridors and classrooms of Forbesganj are still effused with his scent. He further added.

On being asked where he heard about IIN from he said, “All the people I idolize are somehow related to IIN in one way or other, Alia Bhatt is going to join IIN Alibaug for her pre post-graduation, Arindham Chaudhary is merging IIPM with IIN, Chetan Bhagat is the dean of IIN Badlapur, Arvind Kejriwal did his crash course in ‘learn to do Dharna in 2 weeks’ from IIN and most significant of all, Rahul Gandhi after coming from his trip to Bermuda Triangle will be taking the position of the Vice Chancellor of IIN.

According to our academically inclined sources, Not everybody gets to even fill the admission form of MBA in IIN, the minimum eligibility is 98 percentile in CAT to be able to fill the admission form. The qualified candidates in aptitude test are interviewed by Arnab Goswami one to one for 2 hours in which they have to out-speak him.

If reports are to be believed, IIN graduates are working on cutting edge hi-tech equipment to transfer data directly to brain by placing the phone on forehead.