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Student completes assignment 3 days prior to submission date, situation tense

02, Sep 2014 By Shalin Sheth

Jhootha Nutella, a computer engineering student of first year has stunned the whole hostel after he reportedly completed a given assignment much before the submission date.

This incident came under light after he left his window open and was writing the assignment late at night. Seeing the light and someone sitting at the study table with a laptop, the guy living opposite to him, Vishal Tikka, couldn’t control his urge to see what he was actually doing and decided to confront him.

Be a true engineer, wait till the last moment.

“First I thought he might be watching porn, so I went with my hard disk as I was out of stock. But then as I approached the room, I didn’t hear any of the familiar sounds. Also, I knew Jhootha didn’t have earphones as he had given them to one of my friends,” said a distraught ¬†Tikka.

When our team asked him what made him think that he was writing the assignment, he said ” I called him to ask what was he doing, and he said that he was at the night canteen! He doesn’t even buy a Frooti with his own money. That’s when I thought kuch gadbad hai.”

Tikka then alerted all the guys of the class and they all met to discuss the situation. He proudly told us,”I exhibited my leadership skills and we all decided to lay a honey trap for him. I called the most attractive girl of the class and requested her to call him and ask for the assignment. It worked. He told her he was almost done with it and would give it to her the next day.” He blushed and further added,” I think I might become a coordi in my techfest.”

Finally, the scandal was busted and Jhootha’s friends pounded on the door till he opened it. “The idiot even forgot to minimize the word document he was working on. We caught him red handed!” ¬†Tikka said triumphantly.

It is rumored that Jhootha’s seniors came to his room to “take stock of the situation” and to guide him back on the right path. “Yes, it’s true we visited him. As his seniors, its our responsibility to ensure that none of the students go astray and do things like these. Humne samjha diya hai, ab aisa kabhi nahi hoga,” said Chota Sajan, one of the seniors. Though the inmates claim stability in the hostel, only time will tell if Nutella would face more trouble or not.