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Student blames IIN for failing in CBSE exams

30, May 2015 By donaldeinstein

New Delhi: The CBSE results have caused quite a stir among students. The pass percentage has plunged down by almost 5 percent compared to last year’s result. The depressed students have come out on roads dumping their television sets and setting ablaze the newspapers.

Siddhartha Narayan a student of Rampur High School has spoken to the Faking News and has blamed his smartphone, TELECOM network and parents for scoring low marks in the CBSE 12th standard board exams.

No such thing happened after shifting to IIN
No such thing happened after shifting to IIN

When asked for the reason, Narayan burst into tears saying, “I was convinced that by changing my network to IIN, I would definitely top the exams. I asked my father to buy a high end smartphone, but due to the financial constraints he gifted me a Minimax canvas edition. I sold my NCERT books in shops for second hand rates and did top-up’s and other recharges to keep my preparations going. The problem started when I was halfway through the syllabus and there was a hike in the 3G plan. However I shifted to 2G. The problems grew worse as my battery frequently drained and I had to study in low brightness. If only my dad was rich he would have gifted me a better smartphone and paid my 3G bills then the story would have been different today.”

The story of Narayan is spreading like a wildfire and he is gaining immense support. Our correspondent approached Narayan’s father Subramanian who had a different story to share, “The syllabus was so vast that my wife and I shared our data pack with him, but in vain. Also if our neighbour Sharmaji cooperated and had shared his wifi password my son would have been smiling today. I am planning to take this matter to court and file a petition. The advertisements guarantee a 100 percent results but my son has failed to score even a half century.”

The CBSE results have affected hundreds of businesses also. The ‘mithai’ and firecrackers shops wore a deserted look today; however they anticipate the 10th class results should bring a change. Meanwhile the “SYNTRA” stores have reported a rise in their traffic. An official who did not want to be named said, “The girls have outnumbered the boys and we expect higher sales in the Women category.”

Parents in India have started working double shifts so that they can cater to their child’s bright future. These results particularly teach you to be grounded in life; whichever degree you pursue – the board exam marks always reflect your intelligence. The results have really caused a pressing issue nationwide. Meanwhile parents in Bihar were found flooding the social networking sites with trolls as soon as the results were announced.