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Student admitted to mental ward after getting clean and good food in mess

09, Nov 2014 By The Illusionist

Delhi: In a shocking incident in a reputed government college, a student was so bewildered upon getting clean good food in mess that he had to be immediately admitted to the neuropsychiatric ward of AIIMS.

This incident took place on Thursday when the mess of a reputed government college (name withheld on request) resumed functioning after a spate of holidays. The students had just come for dinner when there was a ruckus as one student was found hysterically shouting “Khane me baal nahi hai!!! Khane me baal nahi hai!!!”. (Translated as “Food is no ball!!!Food is no ball”). Before the onlookers could come and control the student he lay down on the floor and and started singing “Humshakals” song. On seeing this, the student was immediately taken to the neuropsychiatric ward of AIIMS and admitted. Reportedly, the food that day was strangely below par as it did not contain grasshoppers, cockroaches or dandruff studded silver hair of the head cook Ram Khilawan.

Later our reporter met the student in the hospital who said “Hum kya karte! Aisa khana dekhkar 2 June ki roti yaad aa gayi…kyuki 2 June ko hum ghar pe the aur humne roti khayi thi”. This incident has jolted the whole student community. Several communist parties have started demonstration in front of the college administration to sack the mess workers so that such incidences do not happen in future. The college administration has promised an affirmative action in the wake of the recent crisis and given a set of directives to the mess workers for bringing the food quality to the previous level. 2 mess workers have been assigned to catch grasshoppers and mix them in rice with a stoichiometry of 2 grasshoppers per kg of rice. Mess workers have also been encouraged to comb their hair while cooking daal so that every student gets a proportionate amount of hair in the meal. These are some of the immediate steps that have been taken by the college administration to pacify the disgruntled students but there are many more to come in the near future. The HRD minister Smt. Smriti Irani who is also a Yale alumni has vehemently condemned such negligence on the part of mess workers. Seeing the tense situation and improved quality of food she has severely reprimanded the mess workers to take part in “Swaach Bharat Abhiyan” as it is detrimental for the food as well as future of the nation.

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