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Strict rules on "Interaction with freshmen" in IIT Madras. A new student body iTHREE emerges.

02, Sep 2012 By Praneeth

The prestigious Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, has been flocked with an all new set of brainy nerds this August. With the very step-in of the freshmen, a mail has stepped out from the admin block, which says “Any seniors found “interacting” with freshers under any circumstances, including “fundae sessions”, after 10:00 p.m., will be deemed guilty of ragging. The Deans’ Committee has resolved that any senior student against whom evidence of ragging a fresher is available to the Institute and/or Hostel Management will be SUSPENDED for a minimum period of ONE YEAR from the Institute”.

The Deans’ committee has to implement very strict rules in light of the recent event, where a senior addressed a freshie “macha! Put intro da!” inorder to know his name and the freshie mistook it for ragging and filed a complaint in the Deans’ office, said a secret source. A sophomore, who refused to reveal his name, said “The freshmen, being very fresh to this huge jungle, are facing difficulty in many aspects, say it finding the concerned department or classroom to finding a girl in institute. They’re messing up with the mess food and are ending up with a burger from “Gurunath Nutrition Kiosk” which ultimately makes them bankrupt. They enter the institute, being oblivious to everything and we seniors take the responsibility to help them. It is really ridiculous that “interaction” has been coined as “ragging” by the committee”.

Few thirdies and a couple of sophomores have come forward here in IIT Madras to start a group called iTHREE which stand for IGNITE, INSPIRE AND INTERACT. One of the members of the group had said that the activities of the group would be the same which once seniors used to take-up in every hostel for the benefit of freshies. The prime motive of the group remains the same old motive of the INTERACTION SESSIONS, to make freshmen feel free here in institute and to give them a feeling of HOME AWAY FROM HOME.

An organized structure of iTHREE sessions include these. • The INTRO 1010 course which primarily aims at developing the communication skills of the freshmen. This course stay focused on the development of communication skills of freshmen and simulates the real time situations like giving a seminar, etc. and hence is highly useful for the freshmen in future, said the course coordinator. • The ST 1100 (where ST stands for Special Talents) course is designed in a very peculiar manner to bring out the hidden talents of the freshmen. The course instructors would provide the freshmen a proper platform once their talents are recognized. • The GD 1010 course (GD stands for Group Discussions) is one of its kind a course in India for the freshmen, said the course coordinators. In this course, the freshmen would be given a topic to discuss upon or a skit to play. This would help them tackle Group discussions, which become mandatory later either to get into a company or a university, very effectively. • The PL 1011 course helps the freshmen to get involved in team work said one of the instructors. A group of freshies would be given some different, innovative games to play (one such an extra ordinary game is YOU, ME AND MOSQUITO) which involves team work. For successful functioning of any organization, team work plays a very vital role and the seeds of team work are sown here in this course. • The PN course is divided into two heads. PN 0110 is exclusively for boys and it aims at “making MORON a MAN” and PN1001 is for girls and its motto is “BEAUTY WITHIN”. The mode of instruction is mainly through videos and pictures, and slides and stories would occupy their place now and then.

Apart from these, there are many back up programs which have their own role to play during the course of iTHREE sessions.

“iTHREE is going to create history in institute. We are not only aiming for the benefit of students from IIT Madras, but freshmen as a whole. Our family is huge and we are expanding our horizons. We intend to influence more and more freshmen across the country through our iTHREE. The Quality Management System of events organized by students of IIT MADRAS is highly renowned across the globe. The student organized events SHAASTRA and SAARANG have earned the accolades of being the first ever student organized events being ISO 9001:2000 certified, for its Quality Management System. Our iTHREE has met all the standards for enjoying the status of ISO 9001:2000 and we are eagerly looking forward for that” said the founder of iTHREE.